Ready to have a baby? Here are 5 healthy recommendations for new mom-to-be

Ready to have a baby? Here are 5 healthy recommendations for new mom-to-be

Having a baby is a miraculous, momentous occasion – and a little scary too, bringing another human being into the world. However, it’s worth it, and you are emotionally prepared to have your first baby.

There are two ways you can start your pregnancy journey:

Jump in and go for it.


Prepare to conceive.

1. Choose to prepare would be our first recommendation. 

Healthcare practitioners have long advised preparing your body before conceiving. Pre-pregnancy planning ensures a healthy environment for the fetus to grow. Not only will your baby have the opportunity to thrive in the womb, your body will adapt more easily as it goes through stages of change. 

Start with taking nutritional supplements – the higher the quality, the better. Allmom’s Choice are premier prenatal multivitamins that ensures you are receiving the full benefit of each supplement.

Folate + B12 is doctor-recommended to prevent birth defects, such as spina bifida and improper function of the central nervous system. Women of child-bearing years are encouraged to take folate, and vitamin B12 helps support red blood cells production. They both work synergistically together to support the preparation of pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins and Minerals offers a full spectrum of essential vitamins minerals, and trace minerals that support the health of women and her pregnancy.

Vegan Iron + B12 is necessary to grow the placenta and support your plasma volume, and red cell mass. Healthy iron levels during pregnancy contribute to the health of your baby. Vitamin B12, vitamin C and folic acid help in the absorption of the iron.

Prenatal Omega-3 (EPA & DHA) is essential for healthy fetal development. Throughout our life, we all need omega-3, but more importantly during pregnancy. Just as important as taking supplements, making healthier lifestyle choices are recommended.

2. Eliminate unhealthy vices. 

If your lifestyle involves smoking, alcohol and caffeinated drinks, and eating a lot of prepackaged foods, consider eliminating them. Researchers have demonstrated that women who consume junk food, especially during pregnancy, lay the foundation for babies to become addicted to high-fat, high-sugar by the time they are weaned.

3. Reduce Stress. 

We sometimes forget the wisdom of the body. When under ongoing stress, the body will say: “Not a good time to conceive.” Also, it has been noted that when under stress, sex doesn’t feel as desirable, and will create the tendency to binge on unhealthy foods and other vices you should be avoiding.

4. Exercise. 

Being active before and during pregnancy will help you have a better pregnancy and birth experience. The exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, but your heart rate and respiration will be elevated. Speed walking is highly recommended. Without exercise, you may be at risk for gestational diabetes or other more serious conditions.

5. Enjoy the experience. 

When you become pregnant, it is a great opportunity to pamper yourself – without feeling guilty. Take more rest time, make new friends, and connect with your baby.


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